AdOperator for Advertisers

Native Traffic That Works!

Get converting users from top trusted publishers, achieve higher goals in brand awareness, lower your costs with seamless ads.

Benefits of Native Ads

AdOperator carefully choses publishers to join our program due to specific Advertisers requests and high demand. AdOperator supports vast amount of technical integrations including OpenRTB, XML feeds, JS tags. Full support is also available to with the set up.

In-Feed Native Ads

In-feed ads will capture a new audience you wouldn’t acquire through traditional channels and engage more than your existing target audience. Through our precise targeting capabilities we can ensure your budget is not wasted on the wrong audience. In-feed ad units appear within the site content in a newsfeed or list of content.

Subscription Push Notifications

Reach your audience before they browse the internet or check their email on mobile or on desktop. This formats fits bests dating and social chats, coupons, news, gaming, auctions and betting.


Native ad widget displayed in the form of recommended story or promoted listings that seamlessly blend into the website and are almost identical to other products or services on a given site.

Performance Oriented System

No bid floor

Smart bidding

Flexible scheduling

CPA Goal

Instant campaign approval

Intuitive UI

IP Blacklist/Whitelist

Google Analytics Support

Our Top Publishers

10% Referral for Advertisers

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