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What are push notifications?

Nowadays push notifications are the fastest and the most convenient way to advertise your product. You can communicate with your audience and attract more customers without making any efforts and spending huge budgets on the promotion.

Push notification is a clickable message that people receive even when they don't use their device or website. And the first thing that users see when they grab the phone or surfing the Internet is push notification.

How Does Web Push Notification Work?


The user interacts with a site

while surfing the Internet and if he likes the content he will subscribe to updates


The user presses the allow button

on the permission prompt


This user gets to the subscriber base

and receives web push notification


The conversion increased when the user clicks on push notification

generated by the Advertiser you referred to

The required image size is 400x300 and for the icon 192x192 size is allowed.
The text in the description should be remarkable and not longer than 45 characters the title can contain up to 30 characters.


Ad looks like

Push Advertising Looks Like


The required image size is 400x300 and for the icon 192x192 size is allowed.
The text in the description should be remarkable and not longer than 45 characters the title can contain up to 30 characters.


Push Notification Ads Supported on

icon Windows
icon Android
icon Chrome
icon Samsung Browser
icon MacOS
icon Linux
icon Chromium based browsers

The Main Benefits of Running
Your Ad Campaign with AdOperator


Convenient Format

The short message and icon


Easy CPC model

Pay only for interaction with your brand



Users receive push notifications only when they are online


High quality traffic

User should subscribe to push notification to receive it, so our traffic guarantees human clicks



You can target your push campaign by locations, browsers, operating systems, time, etc. You can even choose IP range and advertise your Coffee Shop to your neighbors!

What are top performing verticals for push notifications traffic?

The traffic converts to any vertical where direct interaction with the user is required. With an average CTR up to 5% and pay per click the audience coverage allows you to show ads to a large number of loyal users with the influence but don't interrupt user journey less aggressive advertising brings effective results in most cases.


You can check out our top geos and CPC rates here

The Rates may vary depending on demand

Tier 1

Country Clicks CPC
United States 244809 0.0843
France 162563 0.0559
Germany 152941 0.0529
United Kingdom 152549 0.0674
Canada 26546 0.0762
Australia 14513 0.1002

Tier 2

Country Clicks CPC
Spain 115823 0.0407
Italy 89389 0.0333
Netherlands 60809 0.0546
Portugal 55259 0.0389
Romania 48626 0.0224
Poland 37505 0.0385

Tier 3

Country Clicks CPC
India 1678236 0.0104
Brazil 346242 0.0134
Pakistan 315798 0.0066
Mexico 184604 0.0111
Egypt 141497 0.0048
Vietnam 75709 0.0135

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