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What Advertising in Push Messages can do today to help your business?

Many publishers face the challenge of balancing profitability with user experience. Rich Push Notifications lets you promote engaging content with signal users ready to follow without changing the form and function of a website. Advertisers benefit based on the ads relativity and interaction with the ad content which leads to increase in CTR and sharing.

Higher user engagement
Publishers choose Push Ads
Real Clicks and Viewability

What is Adoperator For Advertisers?

Huge Subscriber Database

Buy directly from exclusive sources and scale your business. Only human clicks by real users.

Advanced Targeting

Optimize the campaigns with whitelists/blacklists and target precisely by carrier, IP, city and day time.

All Verticals Allowed

We accept all advertisers around the world: eGaming, Nutrition, Games, Dating, Sweepstakes.

No Hidden Fees

Add funds with no commissions and launch the campaigns in a few seconds, they get instantly approved.
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Adoperator Platform Advantages

No overspends

If you need 1000 clicks today then you get 1000 clicks.

СPC From $0.005

1B Daily Impressions Worldwide, and you pay only if user makes a click on your ad.

Fast approval

You can start you ad campaign in a 5 minutes. Ask your personal Manager for help at any time.

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