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Answers for most important questions.

  • You do not need to verify the website.
  • It is not necessary to proceed with full verification of the account to start work, but this is an important action to secure your account in case you lost access or something else happened.
  • We can not say CPMs or CPC for your traffic before we see it. We do not play games, we pay for traffic every day to thousands of publishers. Give it a try and you will see the difference. Longer you work with one link - more earnings and higher rates you get. 
  • We filter bot traffic, proxy traffic and iframe traffic, our advertisers do not want it, that is why sometimes numbers may be different with your tracker. And you can find how much of your traffic was filtered in your reports by date.

  • We accept any niches of traffic sources, choice of advertisers is automated.You may create only 5 new zones for one website, it may be increased by request if reasonable. 
  • You need to add your payment details when you request payout, you may easily manage where you want to receive your earnings each time.
  • Do you know someone who can send us traffic to direct link? Participate in a referral program, and get 5% of revenue that your affiliate will make.

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