High Performing Full Screen Popunder ads format

Generate additional leads, increase brand awareness, get targeted traffic and subscribers at a minimum cost. Our Advertising Network offers an excellent solution for your company – Popunder Ads.

What is a Popunder?

Pop advertising is one of the most popular online ad formats. It’s cost-effective, has low CPM, and easy-to-run. Pop ads are an automatically appearing landing page displayed in a new tab or window behind the actual webpage. In most cases, users only notice popunder when they click on the close button of the current tab. They can also be triggered by actions like scrolling, clicking, or an exit intent.

Advantages of Popunder format


Full Screen Elements

You can place your unique design and change the options as you see fit. Full screen shows the benefits of the product and increases the conversion rate. Moreover, the engagement of such advertising is greater due to the fact that it is less annoying.


Easy to get first results

Users respond better to ads when they see them after they have finished scrolling through the information. First the intention to exit appears, then the website visitors see the CTA and perform the targeted action.


Works well for many niches

Popunder traffic has been proven to be effective in niches such as affiliate marketing, ecommerce, shopping, and email marketing. With high levels of impressions throughout the day, publishers using this type of traffic experience low levels of abandonment.

Appears in a new browser window behind the current window, typically triggered by clicking on a webpage, similar to its desktop version.



What Popunder Advertising Looks Like


Appears in a new browser window behind the current window, typically triggered by clicking on a webpage, similar to its desktop version.

What are the best verticals which convert with push notification traffic?



High conversion rate with popunder format advertising in the betting industry.



Effective conversion rate with popunder format advertising in the dating vertical.



Strong conversion rate, particularly in mobile games, with popunder format advertising in the gambling industry.



Proven success with high conversion rates using popunder format advertising in the sweepstakes vertical.

Why should you choose AdOperator?

Starting a pop ads campaign is easy. Simply add your landing page URL to the campaign, select a bid and target, then use advanced reports to whitelist or blacklist traffic sources and optimize your budget and landing pages to increase ad revenue.


Simple Registration

Use only your email to sign up on the web site. No payment information is required at the registration step. You just need to enter your name, last name, and fill in the missing forms.


Worldwide Audience

With access to a vast inventory of users from more than 200 countries, you can expand your reach and target a diverse, international audience. Our platform makes it easy for you to reach your desired audience without any barriers.


Live Support

Live Support through the chat. You will find a lot of useful information and guides on our website, blog and social media. Our support team is ready to help with any questions. Feel free to contact us.


Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program for the Regular Clients. Limited features and personal support are available for our top clients.


CPA Optimization

Conversion tracking - our platform will help you to optimize the traffic according to the conversions on your campaigns. Have a different experience and increase your potential to achieve KPIs.


Intuitive UI

Our self-service platform is easy to use: you can create a campaign in several minutes and receive push traffic right away. During the popup ads create, you can set types of OS, select GEO or choose a browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or similar), and other target features.


Fastest and Friendliest

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