We are happy to introduce first edition of the Generator for Pre-Landing pages, landing pages, and simple websites, powered by advanced AI Technologies combined from OpenAI, DALL-E, and Claude 3 Sonnet.

With this feature, you can quickly create a functional landing page or pre-lander that is fully prepared for upload to your hosting service or tracking system.

It’s no secret that having a unique landing page in a specific niche can increase conversion rates by up to 40-50% compared to those landing pages that everyone else is using.

We invite our active clients to try this product in action — simply ask your manager to activate the Tools section for you.

We believe it will help our advertisers and partners test new ideas, business models for arbitrage, various methods, and working scenarios much faster.

How to Use AI Generator.

- As mentioned above, please ask your dedicated manager to enable the Tools section for you.

- Log in to your Advertiser Dashboard (this feature is free of charge, but to participate, you must be our active client, and your balance must be positive. Please top up your account if necessary).

- Now open the "Tools" section, and you will see your landing pages generator panel.


Landing Pages AI based Generator Tool Main Panel

Now you can simply drag and drop a screenshot of any webpage you like or prepare a mockup in any graphic editor like Figma or Adobe, or even use a Wix/Tilda template.


You can choose any HTML code type, but we recommend pure HTML + Tailwind as it is more stable.


You can choose between GPT-4 and Claude 3 Sonnet, but we recommend GPT-4 by default.

Lets try to create Landing Page.

Our internal media buying team wants to improve the conversion rate and install-to-subscription ratio compared to ordinary VPN landing pages for one of our partners. So we created a mockup of a landing page and uploaded it to the AI Generator.


The tool created a page close to our needs, but we decided to improve it a bit.


We changed the code settings to Vue + Tailwind and sent commands to change font colors and update the button.


Now we have something similar to what we wanted.


We copied the code and added it to Binom Tracker. (All images and styles are hosted on free clouds, so no hassle here.) We also asked our front-end developer to add a pre-pop alert to focus users.

We started to send traffic from selected in-page push sources, and after 2 days of tests, we received results. The CTR was actually the same as with the old ordinary landing page, but the conversion rate was over 10 times higher with proper signal to targeted audience.


New AI landing conversion rate: 1.3 compared to the old landing (grabbed by ad network spy tools) CR: 0.19.

Register today as advertiser if you are not our client yet and use this tool to grow your product ROI.

Stay Tuned :)