So the last steps to migrate to the new Adserver are done. The final changes affected the push and inpage campaigns, so we will tell you in more detail what awaits you inside the platform.

What was improved:

  1. In-page and Web Push format reports now recalculate every 2 min
  2. S2S completely rewritten (update your postback url for Inpage/Webpush to feel the difference)
  3. Instant Top-Up - no 10-15 min delays anymore
  4. One timezone for all formats
  5. Moderation for Inpage and Web Push now 24/7 7 days a week. No delays

What is important and you need to know about latest platform change:

✔️All previously created push and inpage campaigns have been upgraded by copying. Old campaigns are no longer available for changes and have the "Old" tag in the name.


Old and new campaigns

✔️Remaining total budget of duplicated campaigns will be copied as well from original campaigns. All reports for old campaigns are available without restrictions


About budget

✔️The timezone is now the same for everyone - it's UTC now (don't forget to check the time targets if they are installed)


UTC timezone

✔️“Evenly”mode is not available for use temporarily. We will get it back soon

✔️For push campaigns, the min limit on daily budget has been increased, now it must be $20 (to keep organic human clicks as accurate as possible).


Push campiagn limits

✔️For in-page campaigns the minimum daily budget remains the same ($5), but we still recommend setting up at least 20 to avoid overcap


In-Page Push campaigns limits

✔️The city target is unavailable yet (we improve geolocation system), we will return it soon, but in the meantime your manager will be able to offer a temporary solution


City targeting

If there are any difficulties, please ask your manager or use intercom chat for help!