Digital marketing allows for the most intensive interaction with the audience. All the types of Internet advertising are aimed to maximize the profit, but to minimize the costs. In other words, digital ads are focused on targeted approach to work with consumers. Digital environment provides fast and effective dissemination of information. Here are the most common types of Internet advertising.

Display Advertising

Display ads are examples of a traditional form of digital advertising. Display advertising is presented in many shapes and sizes and they come in a number of formats. These ads that are based on an image, text or video are visual. Often floating banners, popup ads or wallpaper are served as display ads.

Display ads are shown on the web-sites and they make the audience take a specific action. Usually it encourages consumers to click on it and to come to a landing page, where a potential customer should make a purchase.

Most display ads are distinguished by reasonable price. Usually you are charged for every click on your ad (cost per click).  It is the amount that is based on your overall bidding strategy. Also it is possible to make payment when your banner will be shown to users or you will pay for the impressions and conversions. It can be well-tracked.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a process of increasing a visibility of your pages in search results. It improves the quality and quantity of website traffic as well as exposure to your brand.

SEO helps you in understanding your consumers’ intents. It collects information about products and services that people are interested in, the key words they are using, the content they wish to adsorb. This information will allow you to connect to your target audience and to offer your services in a best way.

Today search engine results pages are varied and they have changed a lot. Often they are filled with both more advertising and more dynamic organic results formats (SERPs). For instance, there could be answer boxes, People Also Ask boxes, image carousels etc. New SERP features appear all over again. Google and Bing are best for making your SEO.

Social Media

It comes to users on social media platforms. This digital marketing area is rather perspective. Here you can realize the most personalized approach to your audience according to the information that users share on social media. Social media ads have different forms as display ads and can be shown as an image, text or video. 

There are two variants of social advertisements: organic and paid. Organic version gives you a possibility to achieve loyalty and get feedback from your target audience. As for the paid type of social media ads it is based on using promoted posts and reaching specific people.

The best social networks for advertising are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Native Advertising

Native advertising differs from the traditional digital ads. It looks more natural and matches the form or content of the media on which it appears. These advertisements can be defined as “hidden” ads because they do not even look like ads. Native ads don’t cause “banner blindness”, when users ignore web zones with the display ads. These ads often are invisible for ad-blocking software. And this is a huge advantage of native advertising.

There are quite many types of native advertising. These are:

  • In-feed units
  • Search ads
  • Recommendation widgets
  • Promoted listings
  • In-ad

Usually native ads are integrated into social media feeds or are presented as a recommended content on a web page. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC ads are clear because of their name. If you use PPC ads in your digital marketing campaign you will be charged only when users click on your ad. It doesn’t matter how many times it will be shown to your potential customers, you will pay only per click. It’s the easiest way to track during the campaign. AdWords and Bing Ads both use a pay per click model.


Remarketing is a type of digital advertising that is about working with already familiar people who have seen your content while visiting your site or opening your app. That is to say you are serving targeted ads for people who have already visited or taken action on your website. Using remarketing to remind these potential customers about your products or services, you show them your ads while they are surfing the Internet. 

It increases conversions because it reminds people of you. You can reach out to users who have already interacted with your brand, know who you are so it helps to make a purchase for consumers who are already close to buying. 

It is possible to make remarketing ads by yourself on Facebook or Google remarketing. Or you can use services of third-party platform or provider.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a tactic by which a person earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. Being a product owner you can increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience and at the same time affiliates earn money on product sales without creating products of their own.

Affiliate marketing includes referring a product or service by sharing on social media platforms or website. People who recommended or promoted your product earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase using the unique link associated with their recommendation. There are many affiliate programs that offer different commission rates. 

Video Ads

Video as a way of advertising is quite popular in the online area. Making emotional video stories helps you to reach online audiences. These ads can be played before, during or after the main content. 

The majority of video marketers are trying to avoid obsessive advertising by using educational or how-to video content that attracts consumers with some suggestions integrated.

As you know YouTube is the most powerful platform of video ads. But it is not the only one. Social media as a Facebook or Twitter are also good for video online advertising. Another way is to use Google, Vimeo, Auditude, Brightroll, Specific Media etc.