The higher the CPM (the cost per thousand impressions or clicks) , the greater the revenue from traffic monetisation, but how do you achieve maximum profit results?

You may always work hard, no matter if you are affiliate marketer or you are making arbitrage, or if you are a website owner or app developer all the way is not as simple as it seems from the outside.

So we asked several partners to share their traffic monetisation results through Adoperator traffic monetization platform and asked for their advice on how to achieve best CPM results.



Some of my earnings from last month.

"Know your traffic. If your content is too good, bots and various spiders that download your content also click on links and do redirects including advertising links that can decrease your value for premium advertisers, which can affect not only the CPM in ad networks but also relationships, as some networks can even block you due to a large number of bots."



I filter all poor traffic before it goes to ad network

"Analyze your traffic quality using additional trackers and reliable services like Adscore, it's not necessary to check all the traffic if you're confident in your site - do selective checks."



"I've been doing traffic arbitrage for 3 years and working with reports and statistics deep by hours, countries, and platforms as well. At certain hours, for example, it's more profitable to send specific geos when the CPM rate is higher."



I also send filtered traffic to my crypto faucet sites using trafficback.

"Most ad networks require time to test new partners - usually, CPM increases over a few weeks if your traffic is good, don't rush to conclusions based on a few clicks, always turn on a new network on a small volume for a week or two."



I actually make 40k per month from 5 networks.

"I don't look at CPM, I know how to get cheap traffic and for me daily income is more important. High CPM means nothing - volumes and profit are more important to me."

We really hope that these personal tips and hints will help you navigate how to earn more. If you haven't registered yet, join us and grow your profit from mobile or web traffic.