Optimise Your Affiliate Strategy with AdOperator's 'Traffic Back' Feature

AdOperator is enhancing its affiliate marketing toolkit with the introduction of the 'Traffic Back' option.

This new feature is specifically designed for affiliates directing traffic to AdOperator's smart links, offering a sophisticated method to further optimise their traffic and enhance their revenue streams.

Understanding Traffic Back

The Traffic Back feature is an advanced solution aimed at publishers seeking to leverage every aspect of their traffic. It's common in affiliate marketing for certain segments of traffic to be more suitable for different types of monetisation strategies.

The Traffic Back option enables publishers to redirect traffic that is beyond the scope of AdOperator's current campaign requirements.

By setting up Traffic Back, you can ensure that all your traffic is used efficiently, by either being purchased through AdOperator’s network or redirected to another monetisation avenue based on your predetermined settings.

How Does It Work?

Once activated, Traffic Back works seamlessly. If AdOperator's network doesn't not monetize your traffic by some reason (quality filters or frequency cap of advertisers or custom smartlink settings), it automatically redirects it back to the link provided by a publisher.

This process ensures that no any web  traffic that you send to adoperator is wasted and opens up new avenues for traffic monetisation.


Example of scheme with trafficback turned on.

Why and When Use TrafficBack?

  • Enhanced Traffic Monetization: Traffic Back empowers you to increase revenue through our network mediation and various monetization solutions.
  • Optimized Profit From Smartlinks: Make every visitor count by redirecting non-purchased traffic to alternative monetization channels.
  • Simple Setup: Add your trafficback url to specified zone from your Publisher's Dashboard - read how to add trafficback URL .

In essence, Traffic Back by AdOperator is a strategic traffic optimization tool that enhances the profitability of your audience. It's a straightforward yet powerful way to ensure that every visitor to your smart links contributes to your bottom line.

Embrace this feature and watch as your affiliate marketing strategy becomes more efficient and profitable.