Many publishers often face unjustified blocks and payment refused in advertising networks and affiliate programs.

Although we at Adoperator never block affiliates and publishers, we believe this information will be useful to everyone involved in traffic monetisation.

Incorrect information provided during registration in ad networks or not yours someone  else's documents, for example, the name in the PayPal wallet does not match the name given at registration. Some advertising networks may not like the documents you provided, and they may delay your payment.

Complaints from an advertiser - a common reason, often unfounded - always demand objective evidence from the advertising network, do not be afraid to appeal, and be persistent. If you understand that you were not paid unjustly, for example, we recommend the Telegram channel or major resources such as the Stack That Money forum (stmforum) and so on.

Too high CPM result - in some ad networks, it is believed that too high a conversion rate for CPI advertisers is a sign of fraud, even if there are no other signs. In such cases, for an appeal, it's better to get a response in advance from the ad network manager or CPA network that the traffic or leads will be confirmed and paid.

A high percentage of bots or suspicious traffic - if you like the results of working with an ad network but are not sure about your source, we recommend checking at least part of the traffic you sell through traffic protection platforms and traffic filtering systems like Adscore.

Too much traffic that the ad network platform cannot buy, for example, if you have tons of mobile webview traffic from your app - there are known cases of bans in some major ad networks that cannot monetise such traffic and do not want to deal with the situation.

The advertising market is developing much faster than the compliance and verification processes in some old major ad networks, leading to misunderstandings, blocks, and non-payments.

Work with advertising networks and affiliate programs who pay faster, who provide live support, or a dedicated manager.