The FunnelFlux team has released their next-generation product, FunnelFlux Pro!

How does it differ from competitors like Voluum, Redtrack etc.? 

With FunnelFlux Pro, you can visually build your tracking with no limits on how pages link together. Say goodbye to the days of confusing workarounds and coding hacks just to make an upsell flow work properly. Offer walls and listicles are easy and they have many upcoming features that will make normally complex affiliate scenarios even easier.

Pricing starts at $99/monthly and they charge you based on unique visitors, not events, so you don't need to worry about clicks and conversions spiking your costs.
We're really impressed with what the team has created and where they are taking the platform.

Test it out now - they offer a free 28-day trial and you get 50% off  your first month via our partnership, just use THIS link.