Create Campaign

1. Advertising Campaign setup.

Create campaign name. Add Target Url. Choose Format of Advertisement


Add campaign budget in the proper way, be careful with CPV rate to avoid overspend.
Minimum budget is $20

budget limits

2. Targeting

Setup basic targeting for your ads. Add geo where you want to promote, operating system and browser


If necessary you may set up advanced targeting.

Choose connection type and browser language.

advanced targeting

Create and attach IP list

new iplist iplist add

FIlter unwanted sources by domain


Setup display day and time.


Get s2s postback to setup conversion tracking (do not forget to change {conversion} and
{payout} macros to your own internal tokens of your own tracking system on your side).

conversion tracking

Blacklist or whitelist sources of traffic - you also can create and save your own lists.
(find more how to increase performance of your ads in Optimization Documentation)


For Inpage and Web push formats you need to set up creatives (up to 4 per one ad campaign).
You can upload and edit images, add Title and Description and use different urls for each campaign.

resize img

You also can preview your advertising and find a better look if necessary.

preview img