Create Campaign

1. Campaign and Budget

Create campaign name. Manage your future ad campaign by setting day and time of launch and the day when it should stop. You may choose the overall campaign budget or a daily budget, as well as the cost per view/click. Set your max and min bid price for the view/click. The system will be choosing an optimal cost of the bid should you have a conversion tracker configured, CPV (Cost Per Value) parameter set, and smart bidding option is on. Your set daily budget is equally distributed by default throughout the day. We recommend to use “asap” in case you need more traffic volume. We also provide the option of changing the limit per view for one IP (1 view per 1 IP by default).

2. Targeting

Choose geo or several geo’s The campaign is active 7 days per week by default but you may choose specific days of the week for the campaign to be active. The campaign is also active in all Operation Systems, browsers and service providers (ISP) by default. Choose the required OS, browser and ISP if needed for your targets.

3. Analytics and TQ

You may limit traffic sources by choosing domains, IPs, zones. Follow the list format: ID_publisher ID_publisher.id_zone For example: 12345.554545 (One line consists of one unit of numbers without commas) Conversion tracking and Smart Bidding Create a goal and set its name, cost per value (the ratio of the traffic cost to the conversion price) Keep in mind that Smart bidding option requires a built history of regular traffic volume purchases during several days. You may also set a few goals. The Smart Bidding option will work starting with the first goal.

4. Creatives

Upload your creatives (Please make sure that your creatives materials do not breach advertising rules and policies). Add Title, Description, URL and image. (Use macros for your URLs. In order to track macro conversions read more info in section 6.2) Your campaign will go through moderation before its launch. The checking process on average may take a few minutes.