Reports. Optimization.

You can explore your stats by Campaign, Country, Ad Format choosing desired dates and sort it by

Dates, Hours, Campaigns, Creatives, Countries, SubID (Traffic Sources), Operating Systems and Goals.

report by campaign

Example of reporting below:

example of report

You also can save your stats filters for quick use.

save search

To deliver better performance for your ads, Adoperator provides several optimization options including
the possibility to keep lists of sources and use it for whitelists and blacklists and also optimization by traffic
source right from the reporting page.

Choose a campaign and filter your report by Subid.
You will see subids to optimize with option to exclude not effective subids on fly.


You can use multiselect and save subids for further use and optimize other campaigns.

subid multiselect

Once multiselect option activated - mark desired subids to save or to mass enable/disable

choosen subids

To save subids to preset click “add to Preset”, you may add subids to existing preset or create new one.

subid preset

Create new preset - choose name for preset and save:

subid preset create

Add selected subids to preset and save

add to subid preset

All your Subid Presets are available in Campaigns Section

subid preset list

To use it for a new campaign choose preset and add to whitelist/blacklist during campaign creation.

subid preset choose