#digitALLforUkraine - Information.

When we act together, we are stronger and our help goes even further. That is why we have joined the forces of people and companies from the digital marketing industry. As a result of this initiative, a fundraiser was created to support Ukraine in these difficult times. We’re constantly inviting all companies and people related to the digital marketing industry to cooperate with us, but most of all, we want to speak to you - our recipients, in order to collect as much funds as possible to help those in need. Together with our friends MyLead we decided to participate in this fundraising campaign to support Ukraine



At this point, we’re addressing this directly to you - the supporters. We believe that together we will be able to do more. The fundraising for the newly launched piggy bank takes place via the gofundme.com portal. All the money raised for the #digitALLforUkraine campaign will go directly to a trusted organisation related to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

We want to use our reach to get to the largest possible number of recipients, and thus help those in need - innocent people from Ukraine.